Bocca Social Restaurant & Bar, Beckenham

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Modern Italian Restaurant & Cocktail Bar – Beckenham, Kent

Set in the heart of Beckenham, Bocca Social offers an Italian inspired seasonal menu and expertly crafted cocktails.

Our menu is designed with a combination of traditional Italian cooking mixed in with a few favourites of ours. Paired with our carefully sourced wines, signature cocktails and expansive spirit list you will always find something to make your ‘Bocca’ water

T: 0208 658 9990 | E: INFO@BOCCASOCIAL.COM

Our Menus

Ones heart is in ones…

“Bocca” – (Mouth)

The word ‘Bocca’ in Italian means mouth. The centre of socialising. We laugh, gossip, smile, eat and drink with our Bocca.

Human beings are social animals, and the tenor of our social life is one of the most important influences on us. Without positive, durable relationships, both our minds and our bodies fall apart.

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The Classic Negroni is made from three equal measures of Gin, Vermouth and Campari poured and stirred over ice. While the recipe seems deceptively simple, achieving the perfect balance of bitter and sweet is difficult. Once this elusive balance is achieved, there is not better beverage to enjoy as an aperitif.

Our Menus